Majestic Beauty, Nature, and Culture


Maybe you first decided that you absolutely had to see Kenya for yourself after reading Out of Africa. Maybe it was after seeing Lion King. Regardless of when you first imagined driving through the plains of Serengeti with the top down, Africa has called to adventurers for centuries, from Teddy Roosevelt to Ace Ventura, to return to our primal roots and once again heed the call of nature and humble ourselves as just a single part of its diversity, history, and wonders.


Kenya is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see wildlife in its natural habitat, and witness nature’s magnificence and grandeur on a scale that is simply impossible anywhere else. From the stars that drape the sky to the orange sun that lights it, you will never feel smaller or larger than you do here.


Sitting on the equator, Kenya has been referred to as “the cradle of humanity.” It’s home to humanity’s earliest ancestors, a myriad of animals on land and sea, and natural beauty that cannot be rivaled. It’s also home to growing social and economic issues, and has not been spared from global terrorism.


Prepare for this adventure that can be no less than magical, if you open your heart, mind, and imagination to this incredible landscape.

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